Celebrating OUR 100TH Year

Youth Livestock Sales (4-H)

Montana’s agricultural communities are a vital part of what makes the state so special. To carry on that tradition, 4-H gets kids and teens involved in agriculture and instills a sense of pride in where we come from.

At Opportunity Bank, we’re passionate about the work that 4-H does and about continuing the legacy of agricultural development in Montana. When young people participate in 4-H, they learn important life skills, like how to care for and market their livestock. Every year across Montana, we purchase animals at 4-H, FFA and other livestock sales. We’re proud to support the future of the agriculture industry in Montana and can’t wait to see it continue in these hard-working kids.

We want the children of our state to know that we’re rooting for them, and that we’ll do everything we can to fulfill our mission to “provide strong financial futures for Montanans.”

The thank-you notes from the kids are always a welcome reminder of the joys of giving.