Celebrating OUR 100TH Year

Opportunity Bank Endowment Fund

At Opportunity Bank, we use our endowment funds to make impacts, big and small, in our local communities. We set aside funds each year to use for charitable purposes, from a new ambulance and weekend food backpacks for kids to tennis courts and soccer fields. Our community has diverse needs, and thanks to our endowment funds, we’re able to meet many of those needs through grants. In the last 10 years, grants totaling $57,400 have been made to 21 different organizations, all making a local, community-specific impact.

We also absorbed the Western bank of Wolf Point Endowment, established in 1998 to serve Wolf Point, Fort Peck, Lustre and the surrounding areas. Over the last dozen years, approximately $132,000 has been donated to grants for things like a mammography machine, construction of public community spaces, and support for local after-school programs.

These programs, organizations and services make Montana a safer, healthier, and happier place to live.