Celebrating OUR 100TH Year

New Ambulance in Denton

Two years ago, the community members of Denton, Montana, were informed that their 23-year-old ambulance no longer met standards. The ambulance had served them well for nearly a quarter of a century but, in order to continue providing emergency medical transport, it needed to be replaced.

The average ambulance in the U.S. costs between $125,000 and $150,000—a lot of money for a small town like Denton. The Denton Ambulance Service and Denton Lions Club teamed up to start a fund to raise money for the new ambulance. Opportunity Bank was one of the first donors, with a $25,000 contribution to be paid over the next two years.

Josh Webber from Opportunity Bank’s Denton branch said that the Denton Ambulance fund was, “exactly the sort of partnership that benefits everyone.” A year into its efforts, project organizers say that fundraising is going “very well.” They’re getting close enough that they may even be able to order an ambulance late this year.

Denton is 40 miles from the closest hospital, so safe and reliable medical transportation is vital to the health of the community. As the COVID-19 crisis has developed, it’s only made community members more passionate about making sure that each person in Denton and the surrounding areas has access to emergency medical services. The Denton Ambulance fund has received many in memoriam donations from those who’ve lost loved ones. It’s truly a fundraising effort we’re proud to be a part of.