Celebrating OUR 100TH Year

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CEO Pete Johnson once said that for communities to thrive, they need more than just a strong economy. They need non-profits, who provide services to people where the government can’t and inspire a collective sense of responsibility for the community members. We’re committed to helping Montana thrive, and one of the ways we make sure that happens is by making room to support local nonprofits.

In 2014, we partnered with Big Sky Institute to sponsor the Helena Development Roundtable (HDR), and we’re still a proud partner today. The HDR provides monthly meetings for local non-profit executives, development directors and fundraising staff. Participants have access to educational presentations and seminars, as well as group discussions with other local non-profit and business leaders.

Pam Attardo of the Lewis and Clark County Historical Society says that the HRD provides inspiration for a small organization like hers. Attardo says that, “the setting is one where people feel free to share.” The HRD has become a place where community organizations come together, share triumphs and defeats, and help one another make not only their non-profits but their communities better.

Right from the beginning, we knew that the Helena Development Roundtable was something we had to be a part of. As Helena and Montana continue to grow and develop, we’re proud to be a part of the contributions non-profits are making in our communities.