Celebrating OUR 100TH Year

If you want to make a living, get a good job. If you want to create wealth, own something. Whether it’s a home or stocks, owning something gives you the chance to build wealth over time without having to work for it the way you work for your living. Passive income streams aren’t just for people with large inheritances; they’re something you can work to establish in your everyday life.

There are tons of ways to invest your money so that, over time, it starts working for you: a savings account, a retirement fund, a professional investment profile, a business, even an e-currency. Each of these investments have different levels of risk associated with them, and it’s important to know beforehand how much risk you’re comfortable with. Do your research, gather advice from financial professionals, and start investing your money in places that provide a passive income stream. That way, you’ll not only make a living via your job, you’ll have the means to do some living, as well.

— Pete Johnson