Celebrating OUR 100TH Year

Board Member
or Not

When Rick Hays was approached about being on the Opportunity Bank’s Board, he was honored and excited. As a long-time volunteer and philanthropist in the area, he was familiar with Opportunity Bank and with their efforts to support the community.

There was just one catch: Rick had to be an account holder at Opportunity Bank, and he wasn’t yet. On the Tuesday afternoon that he and his wife went in to set up an account, Rick decided to keep his pending Board Member status to himself. He didn’t want to put pressure on the employees or to be “that guy” who only came in so he could be in charge.

Lisa, a long-time Opportunity Bank employee, greeted them as soon as they walked in. She offered them each a cookie and some coffee, then sat down to help them open their account. Lisa asked them all the account-relevant questions, of course, but she also asked them where their favorite hiking spots were and what local restaurants they patronized.

Rick was pleasantly surprised by the time and care Lisa took in getting to know them.

“They must already know I’m about to be a board member,” he thought, disappointed to lose his anonymity.

Over halfway through the account setup, Rick mentioned offhandedly that he was excited to be on the board, assuming the cat was already out of the bag.

“Oh, really?!” Lisa exclaimed. “I had no idea! Congratulations!”

Rick was blown away. Lisa had shown such personal interest and kindness, not because he was a new board member, but just because he was a person who walked into the bank. Rick was confident that Lisa and the other employees would have shown just as much care and concern for anyone that walked through those doors, regardless of their status or connection with the bank.

He still goes to that same local branch of Opportunity Bank, which he jokingly refers to as “my branch.” Rick is now chairman of the Board, but you’ll still find him visiting his branch on a random afternoon.

“Sometimes,” he confesses, “I go to my branch to do things I could do online, just because I like to see the people there. I always have good conversations.”

And he still loves talking to Lisa—now a Consumer Loan Officer—whenever he gets the chance.