Celebrating OUR 100TH Year

A Gift for History

We made Montana a part of our name because it’s just that important to us. Our history is here and so is our future. To keep that history alive for our fellow Montanans, we’re continuing payment on a pledge of $100,000 to the Montana Historical Society.

The society is using the donation to fund construction of the state’s new Montana Heritage Center. The new 66,000-square-foot Heritage Center, attached to an existing building, will expand education and storage spaces. Priceless artifacts that illustrate the history of Montana—from paintings to antique furniture to Native American pottery—will be housed safely. Even better, they’ll be available for generations of Montanans to enjoy and appreciate.

As we celebrate 100 years, we’re reminded to look back and appreciate where we came from—not just as a bank, but as a state and a community. Here’s to many more years of Montana history being made.